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Pulse Lamp
is inspired by a longstanding favourite building of mine, the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Yale. Though I have never had the opportunity to visit this library in person, I often return to it as a source of inspiration for its innovative use of material. Mirroring the Beinecke Library's use of stone, my Pulse Lamp uses marbled glass sheets as diffusers. These glass sheets shift in colour and apparent translucency in reaction to the lamp's light source. The glass has a beautiful texture on its own, but its beauty is underscored when it is backlit, revealing an expanded range of colour and texture. Pulse Lamp's spun satin brass body complements the glass by resting on any surface with minimal contact. Two pieces of brass hardware keep both the brass lamp body from rolling and the glass firmly in place. Pulse Lamp is design invested in the poetics of material and illumination.
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